Can't Move Me Outta My Pew

Well, I pray wherever I want 
And baby, this is my pew 
I want to sit by the praise band 
And I ain't movin' over for you 
C'mon, I might forsake tradition 
But ain't no way I'm gonna yield my position 

You can't move me out of my pew ...

Well, it's late, there's way too much sermon 
And not enough talk about me 
He keeps a' preachin' 'bout Jesus 
But hey, look at me, faithful me! 
C'mon, c'mon, forget law and grace 
Just tell me how to win the rat race! 

Baby, you can't move me out of my pew ...

(Oh, I just can't stand those stodgy old traditions! Oh, excuse me; this pew has been mine for the last twenty years, and it's going to be mine for the next twenty. Got it? Good!)
Well, I can't memorize all those words And I hate all the Latin junk too I don't want to learn all the rubrics No, I just want to clap and cut loose So c'mon, c'mon, let's skip Nunc Dimittis And let's all act like a rabid cat bit us! You can't move me out of my pew ... (I'm sittin' right here!)
Recorded using CakeWalk's Guitar Tracks 2.0

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