The Baby Food Blues

Dedicated to Kids everywhere!

(As seen on YouTube)

Oh, Mama, can't you hear me?  I would like a steak, please!
So why are you force-feeding me these strained peas?
I long for a banana, or lobster's nice, I'm told
Why must I be penalized for being half a year old??

Don't you push that goo-mush on me, take away the strained food Mushy meat is not for humans, no matter what you do! Give me something crunchy, can't you take a clue? I'm sufferin' now, could eat a cow 'Cuz I've got the Gerber baby food blues! Well, you'd think that I'd like peaches, or a cracker soggy wet When what I really want is pizza with every topping you can get! Load up the pork and sausage, don't forget the ground beef And if you think I'm hungry now, just wait 'til I grow me some teeth!
Do you like to see me suffer stuck here in my high chair? While you eat your yummy supper, I suck on a squashed-up pear I'd rant and rave and throw a fit, if I could reach the floor But since I'd have to grow for another five years, I guess I'll suck some more!
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