The Media Venture (Throw Away Your Hymnals)

Dedicated to all who value style over substance. This is not (necessarily) about Joel Osteen. But it could be....

Throw Away Your Hymnals!

Started Sunday mornin', in the usual way
Load the family in the car, let's go get entertained
Gonna head down to the churchyard, but it's nothing like a church

Ain't got no sanctuary
It's a multipurpose room
Not a stained glass piece in sight
We don't need no stinkin' pews
Do away with old traditions
Only new traditions will do
We're more enlightened than our parents
And all the church fathers, too!

Throw away your hymnals We got projection screens Don't make me read the lessons Or think about what it means Cuz our worship leader Looks so good on TV This is how we do church now Woe, Church is a Media Venture C'mon, get ready for some Gospel-free praise We won't preach at you 'bout sin, We just want abundant days No liturgy to remember; we repeat ourselves in different ways We're so focussed on our feelings, no matter what the Bible says!
We need big numbers, numbers soaring so high We tell the Spirit where to blow Still through it all we'll find that This ain't the Great Commission; it's just the way we want to be The love of God takes us only so far; the rest is up to me, yeah! Oh, throw away your hymnals! C'mon, throw doctrine aside...
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